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We went to my cousin’s for dinner tonight.  Plans were made a couple of weeks ago – Jackie would make dinner, I’d take dessert.  A lemon and lime cheesecake was made, chilled, and decorated, then it was packed in an upside-down biscuit tin and a taxi was called.  Imagine The Bloke’s terror when he picked up the tin, felt the cheesecake slide then watched in slo-mo as it fell sunny side down onto the coffee table. I have been told that other people would have yelled, but actually all I could do was gasp then laugh. These things have to be brought into perspective.  No-one was hurt,  The Bloke is not a man who would deliberately sabotage a dessert, and hey, I took photos first.  Anyway, Tesco provided slices of emergency dairy-based confectionery and we have scrambled cheesecake for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow.  Good times!

For those interested, the recipe came from here.

Comments on: "The Cheesecake That Never Was." (9)

  1. Yikes! What a catastrophe! Glad your reaction was to laugh, though. That’s what it’s all about.

  2. I’d have cried great big wracking sobs. Well done for seeing the bright side 🙂 It looked lovely!

  3. copperhobnob said:

    Eeek! Well done for laughing and not getting upset. It looked fab anyway (would you have cried if you hadn’t photographed it?!)

    • Quite possibly, Copperhobnob. At least I have evidence that I DID make it and didn’t just go to Tesco. lol (And now I have practised I’ll definitely make it again – but package it differently.)

  4. Oh no! Poor you, it looks so delicious.
    Perhaps you could check whether lakeland have a specific cheesecake container?

  5. A true photographer! Take photos of everything, and now you
    can admire how beautiful it looked and eat it as well! If it hadn’t been dropped, it would have all gone on the night!!
    Great photos – I love the close up.

  6. jeannie101 said:

    Oh Raynah, I’ve commented on Flickr, but had to comment here. Poor Bloke (laughing but sooo sympathetic to him!), and well done you for being so pragmatic xx

  7. […] a ‘bring and share’ tea at his.  My contribution was Project 2, a cheesecake – see here – which made it to its destination and was enjoyed immensely. Project 3 was Dad’s […]

  8. siobhan Plant said:

    Lol… Thanks for sharing that with me as was so upset.
    The corgis loved it. Xxx

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