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Tork loik a Brummie Day

There aint a lotta sun

‘Ere in Brummagem,

Even thow it’s mid Juloi.

It ain’t verry ‘ot,

An’ it’s rining quoite a lot

And the littluns all wanna gow out an’ play.

It’s a proppa bloody pain

Cuz it’s pissin’ down-a rain

And all we really want’s a bitta warm

Oi would loik a proppa storm

Cuz oim feelin’ quoite forlorn,

Oi gotta face as long as Livery Street today.


Comments on: "Tork loik a Brummie Day" (3)

  1. jaaaney said:

    love it – any consolation that it is just as pants here? prolly not

  2. OKay, I read it out loud, but I am not sure I sound like a proper Brummie.

  3. ikeydoodles said:

    That’s bostin’.

    I’m Brummie by osmosis – MrDoodles is from Harborne and I have absorbed some of the Brumminess.

    The word “cutlery” is always pronounced the Brummie way in our house – it just sounds like it should be a word specific to the Brummie dialect!

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