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What a couple of days it’s been.  Yesterday was a great day, till about 5 o’ clock.  I went with 150-something 14 year olds to Alton Towers; the weather was fabulous, the kids were brilliant, and the colleagues I went with were great fun.

I love Alton Towers, for all its ‘wrongness’.  It’s tacky, twee, over-the-top, crowded, and blimmin’ expensive, but it is also pure escapism.  Unfortunately, it didn’t allow me to escape what was going on at home when I got in.   Three and a bit years ago we adopted two cats from a rescue centre.  I was only going to have one but a second cat ‘chose’ my husband and we decided to bring him home too.  He was an old chap, had been a stray for sometime, was not in good shape and had some peculiar habits. However, along with the slightly younger (and fatter) tabby I had picked out, he came to live with us and settled really well.  He’d been unsteady on his legs for a while but over the last few days he’d really deteriorated.  We’d pretty much decided that his final trip to the V.E.T. was imminent and were just about getting used to the idea.  However,  by yesterday evening it had started to become apparent that this wouldn’t be necessary; Edward “Unsteady Eddie” Thomas fell asleep last night and didn’t wake up.  God bless old man; we’ll miss you.

Discovering him this morning was the start of a difficult day.  The bloke buried him in the garden and we went off to work and to face our day.  I had an interview this afternoon which I was nervous about, and I was so tired and fraught about the cat that I didn’t really think I’d perform very well.  However, I DID get the job, so maybe some black and white furball is looking down on me and helping a bit.  What has REALLY helped today is the friendship of the lovely people I work with, and this is where I’ll leave my blog today – this Millionaire’s Shortbread is for you, guys – make sure you’re in the office tomorrow at break to enjoy it.

Comments on: "Life is a Roller Coaster, Baby." (1)

  1. It was a really good-and-bad day for you. Again, I’m so sorry about Eddie, but congratulations on the job!

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