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We’ve had some visitors in the garden today.  A little black cat appeared earlier, stalking something.  When I went out and she spotted me she vanished through the hedge, but the creature she was stalking, a little frog, stayed for long enough to have his photo taken.

In looking for a suitable caption for my frog photo I found this anonymous piece of wisdom.  I think this has happened to me –  I have a lot of bad habits.  Yesterday, I wrote about the garden, and my laziness therein.  Today I have another confession.  I don’t like housework either.  I have been in messier, dirtier houses than mine, but there are times when I am ashamed of my untidiness.  I can make the excuse that I’m busy, I work hard, I need to relax, but actually, that’s codswallop.  I’d relax more readily in a clean, tidy, well ordered house.  I’d waste less time hunting for stuff that hadn’t been put away properly, and I’d no longer have the mad dash to clean up when anyone arrived.  So, as soon as I’ve finished this blog entry and uploaded my photos, I’m going to start on the bathroom.  Then I’m going to rationalise my wardrobe and take some stuff to the charity shop.  When that’s done, I’m going to clear out some of the clutter from my office. Today, I’m going to start to nurture some new habits.

Wish me luck – and if you’re the next visitor, please tell me it looks better!

(p.s. if you’re waiting for more stories about Polly Esther Cotton, I am working on it.  I think she’ll be meeting a frog, soon ;))

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