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Every year, in about March, our head teacher sends out an email asking who’d like to be involved in Summer School.  Every year, despite the fact that in July the previous year I’ve said ‘never again’, I agree to it. I volunteered for two days this year, and spent yesterday up to my elbows in Mod-Roc as the children prepared the base for the totem poles they’ll design on Thursday.  Today was an altogether cleaner day, as I borrowed a dozen digital cameras, set http://www.picnik.com up on every computer in an ICT suite, and let the kids get creative.  It was fascinating for me to go round with them, exploring the environment of a school I’ve known for eight years, and to discover that we have a rose-bed, some fuchsias in a pot on the playground, a wall which has become a shrine to chewing gum, and a little cluster of Scarlet Pimpernels growing on the athletics field.

The activity proved also that picnik is pre-teen-proof, that kids love being creative, and that digital photography opens up this most fascinating of hobbies up to all age groups.  I will at some point try and share some of the work the children produced  but for today, you’ll have to be satisfied with one of mine and a shot of one of the kids at work.

And this afternoon, I have said to the co-ordinator ‘I probably won’t be involved next year’. Then I’ve come home and started to plan how next July’s sessions might be different from today’s.


Comments on: "Sharing the love… of photography" (1)

  1. Wahaha, now that is familiar! “I’m never going to do that again!” shortly followed by, “What if we did X and Y to tweak it a bit?”

    Kudos to you, and what an amazing time to learn the students must have had.

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