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2010: I resolve to…

We have high expectations of the New Year, don’t we?  We’ll be slimmer, richer, tidier, fitter, kinder, more organized.  We’ll remember to visit our elderly relatives, pay off those debts, smile at the idiot at work who steals our mugs.  Yeh right.  The only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever made and kept was the one I made suddenly at the start of 2007.  I’d keep a photo diary.  I was doing it, sheep-like, because my friends were.  I’d rarely picked up a camera, I had no idea about composition or apertures or depth of field, but it seemed like an interesting project and a good way to document my life.  And anyway, if I didn’t manage to stick to it, it didn’t matter, did it?  After all, I hadn’t exactly got a track record of keeping resolutions, so…

But here I am, 3 years on and  I’ve started my 4th year of photo-a-day.  I seriously considered dropping to weekly, or even monthly photos this year, but it’s no longer a resolution, it’s a habit. I could no sooner give it up than I could give up scratching an itch or blinking.

And this year, I resolve to do the following:

  • Try different techniques – find out what the camera can really do.  Top of the list is long-exposure.
  • Get a wide-angle lens and work on landscape photography.
  • Take photographs of my shrinking self.  This is my way of resolving to lose weight.
  • Record my progress at least monthly here, in this blog.

I now know that expectations aren’t really of the New Year – they’re of ourselves. These are achievable, sensible, measurable targets, and  I know I can achieve them.  And now I DO have a track record of sticking to resolutions I had better not let myself down!

Comments on: "2010: I resolve to…" (2)

  1. Photo a day is the only resolution I’ve ever kept too – I don’t know what I’d do without my camera!

  2. annemarie said:

    This has made me cry Ray,Ray- please keep writing x

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