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Lazy Blogger!

I haven’t been here for ages!  Busy times – between work (impending Ofsted) and a jam-packed holiday I just haven’t got round to blogging.

So, here’s a photo-montage of some of the things I’ve been up to.


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  1. Dee Horley said:

    Hi Ray,
    I’ve only just found your blogsite. You certainly have a way with words and photo’s!! A poet Laureate (Did I spell that correctly???)of the future I think.
    I loved the recount of the anniversary and can well imagine the scene as your dad brought home the flowers in a bedsheet, as only your dad could.
    I count myself as one of the lucky ones, getting to know not only you but the whole Chance Family. Not many people have two great families they can call on in good times and bad!! People say you can’t choose family- I say it depends on your definition of family.
    You are often in my thoughts, and although many, many, many miles apart you are always close at heart.
    I miss you loads and love you to the max!!!
    Stay safe, stay lucky, stay happy
    D xxx

    • Thank you – I don’t blog nearly often enough which is daft because when I do I love it. Glad you like it xx

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